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Healthy Essentials Kit

Healthy Essentials Kit

This is a great kit to get the oils for emotional, physical, and mental wellness.

This kit perfectly balances everyday essentials of Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, On Guard, Deep Blue, DigestZen, and Breathe and gets an upgrade with Balance, Copaiba and Adaptiv.



Balance (Grounding Blend):

This is the grounding blend. I love to add this to my temples daily. It is a beautiful blend to help calm and ground you. Diffusing this blend with a citrus is also one thing I love to do. So you can diffuse either with your Lemon oil, or eventually get Wild Orange. That’s my fav.

Adaptiv (Restful Blend):

This is the blend that has the most well-researched benefits to help support our moods and emotions!!!This is the best blend to support emotions. Use this blend as often as you can. Place a drop on the back of your neck, pulse points and palm of hands as often as you need too. Diffuse it when you are in the room. This blend will help with anxious feelings. You can even place a couple drops on your pillow at night and bottom of your feet.


This is my personal #1 oil for sleep support. This is an oil that would be comparable to CBD {without the psychoactive effects}. If you have body aches and pain…this is a great oil to take internally under your tongue. The more pain you have, the more drops you will use. I would say max 4-5 drops each morning and night.

For sleep, I place 1-2 drops under my tongue, and also place 1-2 drops on my feet and rub in.


This oil is “all things cleansing” for body and home. Amazing in water daily, plus great in household cleaners ect. Place 1-2 drops in your glass of water as it helped to balance your PH levels and alkalize your body. Lemon contains a constituent called “limonene” I would look it up 🙂 Very beneficial for your overall health.  Lemon is great for removing any sticky residue, great in all purpose cleaner and an incredible glass cleaner. Here is a recipe: Glass Cleaner . Citrus oils are great for uplifting moods, and lemon also helps to relieve coughs. Great in warm water and honey.


This oil is “all things calming”. Calming for your skin and mind. This oil is amazing on any sort of skin irritations, burns, big bites, rashes, anything that needs calming. I love to have a lavender bath. Place your drops of Lavender into epsom salts, then place directly into the bath. Lavender cupcakes are great too.


This is a great oil for many things. Great for headaches (apply to temples and back of neck), energy (diffuse with citrus oil, or place a drop with lemon in your water), cooling the body temp (apply to spine and back of neck), nausea (breathe from the bottle or place in palm of hands and breathe in), baking ect. Peppermint brownies are amazing. Recipe HERE

EasyAir/Breathe (Respiratory Blend): 

Good for all respiratory issues. Great in the diffuser and amazing diluted and massaged into chest & feet. This would be your vicks replacement ;). I love to also steam with it in the shower. I will often place a drop in my hands, rub together, and breathe in deep. It is great for opening up your airways.

On Guard (Protective Blend): 

This blend is your immunity blend. It is great to get into the habit of using this oil daily, especially when seasonal threats are high. Apply to bottom of your feet and/or spine daily! You can also place 1-2 drops in your water daily to support immunity. Diffusing this oil is fantastic too to help clean the air. I love to mix it with peppermint oil. I make my own hand soap with this blend. Recipe here: Foaming Hand Soap .

Deep Blue (Soothing Blend):

Soothing Blend which has wintergreen in it, also known as “natures natural painkiller”. Great for muscle aches and pains and I use this for my kids growing pains and also during my cycle for cramps. This blend is amazing for any sore muscle and body aches and pains. Combine with Copaiba and Frankincense for the most benefit. Apply drops directly to the area. Mix with a carrier oil to spread more evenly onto the skin.

Zengest/DigestZen (Digestive Blend):

This blend is good for any digestive issues. Dilute and massage into tummy, or place 1-2 drops in your water and take internally.

Petal Diffuser:

Here is how to use it, plus here are some great DIFFUSER BLENDS for your oils.




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